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Colehayes is the ideal venue for your Wedding or Wedding Reception, Anniversary
or any other
major family gathering.

Weddings and other major family occasions are usually focused on the week-ends.
Reservations for weddings must be made from Friday to the following Monday at least.

To Book & Check Availability

How Weddings Work at Colehayes Park

We are an Approved Premises so you could actually be married on the premises. ( Download Registration Guidance)The basic idea is that you would rent the entire house, which is self-catering, for a long weekend from 3pm Friday till 10am Monday morning. You also have the option of renting the house for a whole week. This is especially popular in the summer as your guests can stay and really spend some quality time together and make a bit of a holiday out of being in Devon, near to all the beaches plus being right on Dartmoor.

As for the wedding, you are in complete control of what you want to do, how you want to do it and most importantly, how much you want to spend. You can make it as formal (fancy caterers etc) or as casual (friends and family all bringing their favourite dish for a fantastic buffet or another popular idea is a hog roast) as you wish. The choice is yours.

Although it would be essentially a DIY wedding, I am on hand to help with everything from names of caterers to people who can supply anything from cakes to bouncy castles etc. We have about 35 weddings a year so we have had lots of experience helping potential brides. The main thing is that you really do have total freedom to do what you want and nobody insisting that you use their own in-house caterers or bar service at some vast cost. All your friends and family would get involved and work together to make your special day the best day of your life. People really enjoy helping and getting into the team spirit. Everybody loves weddings at Colehayes and most guests say "it's the best wedding we've ever been to!" It’s just something totally different from the usual hotel reception.

Our dining room seats 70- 80 comfortably and 80 plus at a push. For 90 + people to all sit down to eat at the same time you would have to divide them into different rooms, which works well, we have had 120 people seated between two rooms in the past. Colehayes is a huge house and most people do not have a marquee, just an extra expense, but you may want to consider one if you particularly want to seat more than 90 people all together for a more formal wedding breakfast. Should you want or need a marquee, it can be located wherever you decide.

PRICES: If you go for a weekend the cost is £3,850 in the Low Season and £5,135 in the High Season. This works out at about £96.25 - £128.35 per person for a 3 night stay for the weekend booking. We only take full week bookings for the High Summer (August) season but if all your extra people, over the 40, plus day guests add up to what we would get for the normal full week booking then a weekend booking is OK. A full week in the Low Season is £5,390 and in the High Season its £7,190. The house is priced for 40 people with extra people staying, up to 70 can sleep, charged pro rata. Guests not staying on the premises over night are charged at £15 per person for a WEEKEND PASS. You also have the option of camping in the grounds. Its £10 per pitch (tents, camper vans and caravans) for the weekend plus the £15 weekend pass charge. Please note the weekend pass charge is a one off charge so your extra guests /campers can come and go from the house for the entire weekend for £15 each, just not stay the night. Please see our prices and availability page for the full price guide and/or email us for a full quote.

Because we are not a hotel but more a Holiday House, we do not have an actual restriction on the "how many people are we licensed for?" question. But we do like to keep the total numbers to around the 120 mark going up to 150 at the very max.
The only thing this doesn't cover is the question regarding the bar. How you run the bar is entirely up to you. There are various options but sometimes people provide all their own alcohol and then get somebody (a friend of a guest who works in a pub is the norm) to run the bar and charge £1 to £1.50 for each drink just to cover a bit of the cost. Or get your guests to bring their own. Or get your local pub / bar company to run it such as Dartmoor Bars, Teign Cellars or Inn2U, they will charge for your drinks and a set up fee taking the pressure off you on having to worry if you run out or not.

If you're interested and have any questions please get back to us. If the DIY idea appeals to you, please arrange a visit to Colehayes and have a look around the house and grounds. You'll love it!!! Please be aware that since Colehayes Park is not a hotel but more like a huge family home, of which our guests have exclusive use, viewings at the weekends are not always possible.

Good luck with it all and we hope this helps!

All the best,

Rebecca Brooks & Ellice Cresser